Monday, February 22, 2010

ACPT: the numbers

Note well: all these numbers are based on the version of the tab-delimited scores that I downloaded earlier today. I may bother to update this with the "final" version in a week's time, or whatever, but I probably won't. As before, it is theoretically possible for my formulas to overestimate the number of perfect puzzles (you would need to make three errors for a total of five words (i.e., two errors in the same word), and have finished with at least nine full minutes on the clock to have a score that counted), but I'm not really worried about that actually happening.

# of contestants with points on a puzzle: 643
My placement: 35
# of rookies: 161
# of juniors: 21
# of seniors: 7
Most winning puzzles (puzzles with the highest score in the room): 6 (Dan Feyer, Howard Barkin)
My winning puzzles: 0

Median score for puzzle 1: 1080 (my score 1205)
Median score for puzzle 2: 1265 (my score 1540)
Median score for puzzle 3: 1407.5 (my score 1805)
Median score for puzzle 4: 1180 (my score 1110)
Median score for puzzle 5: 495 (my score 1315)
Median score for puzzle 6: 1745 (my score 1970)
Median score for puzzle 7: 1990 (my score 2440)
Median total score: 9010 (my score 11385)

Puzzles from easy to hard:
Puzzle 6 (yes puzzle 6): 85.2% solvers completed correctly
Puzzle 4: 82.0%
Puzzle 1: 80.9%
Puzzle 7: 72.8%
Puzzle 2: 68.7%
Puzzle 3: 56.1%
Puzzle 5: 15.4%
(By comparison, last year's numbers were: 94.2-81.3-74.1-66.5-53.6-44.9-16.4, which seems like more of a distinction between puzzles.)

Solvers all correct: 60
Solvers six correct: 138
Solvers five correct: 121
Solvers four correct: 90
Solvers three correct: 60
Solvers two correct: 74
Solvers one correct: 55
Solvers zero correct: 45

Highest finisher with an error: Adam Cohen (#18)
Lowest finisher without an error: Jeff Janus (#153)

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