Sunday, February 25, 2007

One month

to Stamford. I've got my kitchen timer and my book of crosswords (remind me never to get a normally-bound book (as opposed to a spiral-bound) of crosswords again, especially if it has 250 puzzles. That thing hurts to hold, if I'm doing it anywhere other than a table. Or perhaps my hands have become useless appendages, what with the whole typing thing.

But it's paying off; I think it's a personal record, my time of 2:40 on tomorrow's NYT puzzle. It is that easy, but that was still good for 4th at the time....

More Weekends

My hole in the next five weekends was filled with more geekery, but at least it's not my geekery. I've been roped into helping with our video game tournament for charity that we are holding on St. Patrick's Day. So all I have to do is write a C program that will randomly seed and rank people, then re-seed and re-rank, etc.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend plans

Weekend plans for the next three Saturdays, and four of the next five weekends. Granted, two are quizbowl and one is crosswords, so my geek quotient is in no danger of falling.

"Semi" "Weekly" Word Division #3

Due to the clamor about this one being late, I'm starting to think you guys aren't even doing these things.