Friday, March 12, 2010


  1. The self-checkout lanes in Walmart had been set to "British". My inner glow at hearing a British accent was slightly jarred by the script changes (most jarring was hearing "notes" for "change").
  2. I vaguely remember there being more than one brand of dishwasher detergent, but according to the store shelves I must have been mistaken.
  3. At some point I should look around and see who still plays major league baseball and see who I should draft for the fantasy baseball league.
  4. P&A has advanced from 6/12 to 9/12, with the addition of scuba, spa (which was as good as I thought it was going to be), and sailing (with Foggy cleverly sneaking two hints into the first hint for this puzzle, one of which was definitely needed). Foggy gave me (more-or-less) the hint I asked for on Archery; unfortunately, it completely destroyed what little work I had in the grid. (I didn't even have any answers that started with C.) So that's still in a state of much disrepair. It is possible that I have the meta correct (currently waiting on Foggy to adjudicate my third :sigh: attempt) with what I have, but I'm not thinking it's very likely.