Saturday, November 29, 2008


The new P&A came out today. It will not print. I don't know why. I'm going to try it from the laptop to see if it's the Mac driver.

After two rounds (three hours!) of mahjong today in the ODMC, I won one hand. Total. Fortunately, that was good enough for second place in the second round, as Martin S. had a habit of going out selfdrawn, so no one else had any points either.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just in time

The last two GMO recaps now available: rounds five and six. The Danish Open is this weekend, so hopefully I have both (1) learned something here and (2) can use what I have learned. We'll find out.

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Recaps

Hurray recaps! Rounds three and four from the GMO are now available.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's amazing how willing you are to do things after you've gotten eighteen hours of sleep and had a liter of Coke. My recapping of round 1 was delayed by the fact that I got (and, of course, accepted) three invitations to play games while reviewing this one. But here is round one from my point of view.

Added at 9am: And round two.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

GMO Day 2

Round 4: A heavy-hitting table; Chris was at 7, the rest of us were at 6. The first hand not only took forever, but was a draw; we managed to finish seven nonetheless. Both of my winning hands were seven pairs; the seven pairs that I tried to turn into all pungs went nowhere. Just enough to get by Chris, who won one but self-drawn for second place. So now, eight points, twentieth place.

Round 5: We got through eight hands, with one player missing. I won three hands, but when another wins five, well. Another second place, ten points now, still twentieth place. I also realized that I forgot to save round 4. And that one I really did want to go back to look at, too.

Round 6: Also eight hands, but that's because several hands went by super-quick. (I believe there were three hands where I was ready with seventy-odd tiles left in the wall.) I managed to win four, so a big pile of points, another first-place. I finished 14/24 (so yay for meeting goals) in 13th place (so yay for the top quarter of the field). I guess this means I should set the goal for 16 for OODC at Thanksgiving.

So finally: The crosstable for the whole tournament. Obviously I got the tiebreaker thing fixed. I think only the bottom two players missed the entire tournament, although some other people missed parts (I know there were four people missing Saturday, and I think seven people missed the first round today, down to three or five for the last round. And one of those missing players got 2.5 table points!)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

GMO Day 1

Round 1: Won one hand, which ended up being good enough for third place. (Could have won another, if I had realized that last tile was worth enough to make up for the lack of everything else.) Adrie won the table, with quite a bit of help with me (I don't play very strong defense; I know I'm throwing dangerous tiles, but I often figure it's worth it based on the hand, especially if I'm solidly in third place at the table -- and he snatched those up seemingly every time).

Round 2: We just barely got through six -- I doubted we would get through, as we had been averaging 16 min/hand for the first five and only had 10 min left for the last, but I was quick; unfortunately someone else was quicker and won with :20 on the clock or so. The person who had been first paid to the person who had been third; that gave the winner a 1-point lead on the previous leader, and I went from second to third. So only one more point for me. :(

Round 3: Finished the seventh hand with :15 on the clock. I won 29 selfdrawn, 12 on a discard, 31 on a discard, and 33 on a discard, which was my day's ration of good hands. A big pile of points, which gives me the top tie-breaker score for my score group (6 points), which means I am 18th, of 64. (There are 14 of us at six points.) My target score again is 13/24, and right now I am 6/12, so almost halfway there.

And so finally: the crosstable for day 1. I need to do something about those page breaks. (Update: fixed the page breaks, and also the strength-of-schedule calculation, 'cause I screwed it up when I changed the numbering to match MT's numbering scheme.)

Another Weekend, Another Tournament

This weekend it's the German Mahjong Open (online, of course). This is the only thing keeping me as high on the rating list as I am (36) -- if you miss a tournament, it counts as a zero. Another opportunity for me to save games and then neglect to go back and analyze them, and another opportunity for me to tweak my mahjong crosstable generator (which still doesn't handle ties, and is probably not engineered very well). We got to 64 players, which is a good turnout; two people on the waiting list, hopefully they'll let them take over for absent people at the start (always the bane of these tournaments).