Saturday, November 08, 2008

GMO Day 1

Round 1: Won one hand, which ended up being good enough for third place. (Could have won another, if I had realized that last tile was worth enough to make up for the lack of everything else.) Adrie won the table, with quite a bit of help with me (I don't play very strong defense; I know I'm throwing dangerous tiles, but I often figure it's worth it based on the hand, especially if I'm solidly in third place at the table -- and he snatched those up seemingly every time).

Round 2: We just barely got through six -- I doubted we would get through, as we had been averaging 16 min/hand for the first five and only had 10 min left for the last, but I was quick; unfortunately someone else was quicker and won with :20 on the clock or so. The person who had been first paid to the person who had been third; that gave the winner a 1-point lead on the previous leader, and I went from second to third. So only one more point for me. :(

Round 3: Finished the seventh hand with :15 on the clock. I won 29 selfdrawn, 12 on a discard, 31 on a discard, and 33 on a discard, which was my day's ration of good hands. A big pile of points, which gives me the top tie-breaker score for my score group (6 points), which means I am 18th, of 64. (There are 14 of us at six points.) My target score again is 13/24, and right now I am 6/12, so almost halfway there.

And so finally: the crosstable for day 1. I need to do something about those page breaks. (Update: fixed the page breaks, and also the strength-of-schedule calculation, 'cause I screwed it up when I changed the numbering to match MT's numbering scheme.)

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