Sunday, November 09, 2008

GMO Day 2

Round 4: A heavy-hitting table; Chris was at 7, the rest of us were at 6. The first hand not only took forever, but was a draw; we managed to finish seven nonetheless. Both of my winning hands were seven pairs; the seven pairs that I tried to turn into all pungs went nowhere. Just enough to get by Chris, who won one but self-drawn for second place. So now, eight points, twentieth place.

Round 5: We got through eight hands, with one player missing. I won three hands, but when another wins five, well. Another second place, ten points now, still twentieth place. I also realized that I forgot to save round 4. And that one I really did want to go back to look at, too.

Round 6: Also eight hands, but that's because several hands went by super-quick. (I believe there were three hands where I was ready with seventy-odd tiles left in the wall.) I managed to win four, so a big pile of points, another first-place. I finished 14/24 (so yay for meeting goals) in 13th place (so yay for the top quarter of the field). I guess this means I should set the goal for 16 for OODC at Thanksgiving.

So finally: The crosstable for the whole tournament. Obviously I got the tiebreaker thing fixed. I think only the bottom two players missed the entire tournament, although some other people missed parts (I know there were four people missing Saturday, and I think seven people missed the first round today, down to three or five for the last round. And one of those missing players got 2.5 table points!)

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