Friday, August 01, 2008

Product Dis/Placement

Today's product: A&W Root Beer Floats.

The bottle says "Rich, Creamy, and so Delicious you won't believe that it comes in a bottle." Now, I have no idea what that last is supposed to mean---don't most delicious drinks (A&W Root Beer, perhaps?) come in a bottle? We must admit, it does come in a glass bottle. The novelty helps keep you from noticing that this normal-sized bottle only contains 11.5 fluid ounces, less than a normal pop can. And it is certainly rich: I was expecting some sort of root beer + cream soda mixture. But I was surprised: think 10.5 ounces of vanilla ice cream with 1 ounce of root beer, and then swap out the vanilla ice cream for just plain vanilla. (I'm tempted to look back at the bottle and see if it's marked with a proof content.) Definitely lots of vanilla flavor, and not a great deal of root beer flavor that I could detect. Also, it shares another feature of ice-cream drinks: definitely refreshing on the way down (if you don't gag on the vanilla), but it doesn't quench your thirst in any way.

Verdict: not a fan.

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