Monday, January 11, 2010

P&A Progress Post

This is here mainly to remind myself, when I want to throw this entire stack of papers out a window, that I've actually done something with this set. Also, to help me keep track of which ones of these I want to look at sooner rather than later. (And of course all the finished puzzles are implicitly "unless I've done something stupid".)

Shadow of the Vampire: sure looks nice, though
Day Watch: ding! (the hint here was the needed inspiration, so hooray!)
Space Vampires: 0 done, should get to quick
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula: ding!
Let the Right One In: ding!
From Dusk till Dawn: ding!
Monster Squad: ding!
Dracula: ding! (Tell you what: starting in the lower left, combined with the flavortext, originally sent me in a far different direction from where I was supposed to go.)
Queen of the Damned: ding! (currently: favorite puzzle) (and re-ding! because my original answer was (5 8) instead of (7 9) as the hints claim it should be) (and now un-ding! since this answer can't fit in the meta grid now:( )
Cronos: ding!
Scream, Blacula, Scream: ding!
The Hunger: 0.5 done I will always be able to solve the -0ku part and never ever solve the bit where you actually get the answer
The Wisdom of Crocodiles: ding!
Count Dracula: ding! (Used the hint rather than figure out what the total number was supposed to be)
Metas: Mirrors fixed in Being Human, and one word revealed. I have taken a reasonable guess and submitted it (hence making Vamp forever out-of-bounds).

Ten-to-eleven puzzles done already, using a total of three hints: I don't know what's wrong with me.

AND FINALLY: ding ding ding! So back to the original answer for QotD, which made my guess, while correct, even more outlandish (since I had fewer letters now, rather than more). Oh well.

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