Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Saturday in August

*The day starts rather inauspiciously, as the airport lot I am accustomed to parking in now has signs saying it is "short term" parking, meaning I decided to park rather further away.

*I decide (because it is 7am) that I would like the $49 upgrade to "front-of-the-plane" class, thanks.

*I am momentarily awestruck by the fact that they have completed the construction in the terminal and there really are now a concourse A and a concourse B. I almost start taking pictures, and then realize where I am.

*I end up in three different seats: my ticket is for 2D; however, my neighbor in 2F has a youngster sitting in 2A, and I agree to swap so they can fly together. Then my new neighbor in 2C brings his son up from coach, and I agree to move again (this time to 1A).

*This group of AirTran attendants was rather lackadaisical: the captain had to come on the intercom to remind them to finish their pre-flight cross-check instead of standing around in the galley; they replaced all the instances of "passenger" in the script with "customer", and then they forgot to let us off the flight in NYC (again, just standing around in the galley).

*I keep forgetting that my use of the Q33 (getting from LaGuardia to somewhere else) is not really anybody else's use of the Q33, especially on Saturday morning, so my decision to sit down next to a window made life rather interesting when it came time to get off (fortunately I believe there were no injuries).

*LP3 happened (more later).

*I hurry out of the building as the award ceremony ends. Fortunately this was just paranoia, as I made it to the gate a full 10 (maybe even 15) minutes before boarding started. This also means I did not get to play any contest of then tiebreakers, nor did I remember to pick my prize from the most recent contest of then.

*Another upgrade happens.

*The flight home is uneventful, although about halfway there I decided I was done with crosswords for the day.

*I forget that I have parked in the new lot until I have started walking to the old lot. Fortunately, since the old lot is merely farther away, this is not actually an issue. Also they have added automated pay machines at the parking lots.

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