Saturday, March 12, 2011

Riichi GMT Round 2

Ooh now I'm upset. I managed to forget to declare riichi on the first hand (and didn't feel like letting my winning tile go by so I would get the chance on my next turn), so +3200 turned into +1600 right away. Building up a 17000 point lead in the first three hands felt great, though. But then I paid a couple big hands, and was down by a lot. Then I won a big hand back, but I was down 900 points with a minute on the clock and then I was upset again. (I ended up down by 4900 since the last hand was drawn and there was only one tenpai player which we all paid 1000 points to.) Third place at the table, so only 1 point puts me right at 19th of 36 players at halfway.

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