Thursday, July 07, 2011

Vacation Day 1: No Rain Yet

Fortunately the thunderstorms stopped yesterday around 5:30, so it was smooth sailing for the evening festivities. Saw The Importance of Being Earnest at the ASC and it was excellent. They do entertainment during the interludes there, and they were definitely working on tying the interludes into the show -- the first break had the cast doing the B-52's Love Shack (I was definitely amused by seeing the actor playing Lady Bracknell, still dressed as Lady Bracknell obviously, doing the Fred whats-his-name spoken parts of the song), and the second had the cast doing I Got You, Babe in pairs. The stage left on-stage seating was taken by a group of scenic females, who were alternately amused and horrified by the cast's attempts to use them in the story. It was a bit of a small house, but it was a Wednesday night in the beginning of July so that's probably expected.

This morning was some more wandering -- a lot of churches today, and a music studio (or at least something labeled a music studio; last night coming back from the play walking past what had appeared to be an abandoned garage next to the hotel, there was definitely a band playing there. Perhaps it's just a very exclusive club). It was pushing 90 I think, then cooled off rather suddenly and given yesterday I decided I should probably get while I was just sweating and not drenched. The rain hasn't showed up yet though, so it may have been just a false alarm. I'll probably go back out tonight and see if there's anything going on north of here.

Update: It never did rain. North of here are a few houses and then the actual library. I also walked out the road I believe I need to take to get out of here tomorrow (the directions I had, while correct in every detail, did not actually help much in getting me here).

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