Friday, December 15, 2006

game show musings for a Friday

I've always liked the red background behind negative scores on Jeopardy!. I am enough of a traditionalist to have really liked the seven-segment displays, but the red background makes up for it.

Duke got some free publicity on J! as well. I remember driving my parents down Erwin past Lemur Lane and pointing it out.

Poem titles: 30 seconds to get from bird to albatross to "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" should be plenty of time, depending on how fast you can write "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" with one of those weird pens. Especially when Alex tells you that "the" is an "important word" that can't be left out.

1 vs. 100: I wasn't completely sure about the Matthew Miller question, but "A" was my favorite as well, since I knew it wasn't "B" and I was pretty sure "C" was made up. Brad Rutter missed it, so hooray.

The static spark question was interesting; it was a good thing that the contestant help eliminated protons, since neutrons was obviously incorrect. (Someone should tell me whether it's possible to build up protons. Obviously the electrons are what flows, but one person would have to be positive, wouldn't they?)

I don't think they've ever shown the next question before on 1 vs. 100. He got it right, although that was an obscure thing (that Southwest trades as "LUV").

And I didn't miss, again, for a show. I'm not going to make a five-minute videotape to get on the show, though.

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