Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Quiet Normal Kind of Week

Very little going on here. Meetings. You know. I spent Friday being very tired, but not actually getting any sleep, so I've been off all weekend.

I've started playing mah jongg against the computer without the English numerals/letters on them, because that's the way the tiles will be at Denmark this summer. I can count dots and sticks just fine, and I think I've gotten the numbers down (1-4 are just that many lines, 5 is all complicated looking, 6 is "running man", 7 is an X, 8 is an upside down V, and 9 is a pi). I can tell red from green from white (not colorblind yet!), and I know East and North (the latter just somehow looks like a N to me), but I still haven't gotten South and West yet.

The carpet is scheduled to arrive on the 14th, so I need to get everything in boxes. Fortunately I still have a big piece of plywood in the apartment, from when the utility crew was out pruning trees and broke my window, so I can "extend" my patio to get all the furniture out there without setting it in the big mudhole outside my house. Hopefully.

I think I've figured out how to get double-paid for working over the holiday week (salary + not having to use my vacation + extra pay--granted I do have to actually work), and my frequent flier miles aren't good this time of year anyway, so it looks like I'll be here at the end of the year.

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