Monday, April 09, 2007

It's Tuesday!

Well, at least according to the Times, anyway. My applet says 2:39, but my time was recorded as 2:40! I wuz robbed! Of course, it's a moot point in several dozen senses of the word, so whatever.

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A theme! It's all right, I guess. THEAMAZINGRANDI didn't fit, hence out came the second-stringer AMAZINGKRESKIN. No really ugly fill, except maybe "INE" (Like Chopin's "Tristresse" etude) or "ABRA" (Magician's start); I liked "LOCKLET" for no very good reason, although the double-clue with 8D seemed unnecessarily annoying (especially when you don't actually have 8D filled in). I was wondering if that answer started life as "LOCKLEY", but on further consideration I think it's Robin of Locksley. And any puzzle with "TSHIRTS" in it is a good puzzle (he says, until Tim Parker uses it).

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