Saturday, May 26, 2007

All Car Repairs Should Be This Easy

I was going to work earlier this week when I noticed my right-turn blinker going at double speed, and sure enough, when I got to work I discovered my right-hand tail light was out. Friday afternoon after work I stopped at AutoZone and bought the bulbs that my manual said were the right size. This morning I got into my trunk and pulled out the bulb, and immediately I knew I was in trouble. I knew this because I pulled out the bulb, but the bulbs I had bought were clearly screw-ins. I put the bulb back in, put the socket back in place, and got in the car to go shopping again.

It took a couple right turns before I realized: "Hey, my right turn signal works again." And in fact, when I pulled into the AutoZone parking lot, I left the engine running and put on my right blinker, and it was blinking. So I got back in and left. (I'm sure AutoZone is used to it by now.)

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