Friday, May 25, 2007

Reading Spec Sheets

In preparation for my upcoming trip to be humiliated in mahjong, I went and purchased a digital camera online. I read some spec sheets, and tried to find the mix between not-sucking and not-expensive that I wanted. Anyway, I ended up getting an HP model, and not reading the spec sheets carefully enough. I didn't get any accessories, but the camera itself has enough memory for ... 9 photos. Looks like I'll be buying a memory card.

In other HP news, I knew that they had fobbed their calculator-making off on an OEM (Kinpo, specifically), but I hadn't realized that it was so separate from everything else; I was unable to put an HP calculator and the HP camera in the same cart. Two completely separate systems! And I think they're both in the "HP home and home office" division, too. But this way I can use the $10 coupon I got with the camera to buy the calculator (I think I may fall in love with the 48gs); although I doubt that I'll be able to put the memory card and the calculator in the same cart either.

Which reminds me that I never mentioned (here) the story about my 33s. My first real HP/RPN calculator that I bought last year; I bought it online (I went to the HP "find it in person" link for the list of stores that carry HP things; they had printers, ink, etc. but no calculators) and waited patiently for FedEx to deliver it. Of course, FedEx delivered it to the main office of the apartment complex, so I had to wait to get it. The next afternoon (it was a Friday, so I got off work early), I went in, got my box, opened it up ... and found an HP inkjet cartridge. The invoice was correct, so I called up HP, and got them to get FedEx to come back and take it away and then re-sent my calculator. (I don't remember the part number for the inkjet cartridge, but it was not particularly close to "33s".) (And I kind of feel bad that it's taken me this long to start programming the thing.)

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