Friday, July 06, 2007


There's been a radio ad playing recently for a local clinical trial for a new Pill, which is chewable. The ads very clearly and explicitly emphasize the fact that the pill is "spearmint". I wonder if it's that strong that they have to warn people away (I realize that it's Very Bad for people to ditch clinical trials in the middle, but is it really that bad?), or they just want you to know.

(PS: Is there a word for what's happening to the word "Pill"? It's the opposite of Xerox and Kleenex; a generic word that's becoming capitalized to refer to one specific thing, although not a brand name, obviously.)

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Anonymous said...

As if the "Pill" was so big it was hard to swallow or something.

Second thing. . .Check you email bro!!! I have some important tech ed questions asked of you and you haven't answered. Don't be dissing your eldest sister. Get with the program. Please.