Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why No One Has Even Considered Inviting Me To Their MIT Puzzle Hunt Team

I am currently working through Eric Berlin's excellent Game Show Hell puzzle hunt for, ooh, a hundred minutes now. Current progress:
Jeopardy!: Know what I'm doing, stuck at three columns complete
Cross Wits: I was sure I knew what was going on, and I think I still do, but I'm not confident. I have the crossword complete, I think, but no answer yet
Concentration: I think I know what I'm doing, but missing a puzzle and the answer
Family Feud: Not a clue
Wheel of Fortune: I'm pretty sure this is straightforward and hard as, well, hell (one phrase so far)
Let's Make a Deal: I know this is not straightforward, but I don't know what's going on
The Price is Right: Yay! The answer I have might make sense, once I have the rest
Bonus Round: I can do a wordsearch. The others I know what to do, if they're straightforward puzzles, but I'm not making any progress and surely the endgame is never straightforward?

So there you have it. I will keep plugging away and will never beg for mercy! Answers, however, I may have to beg for.

UPDATE (another hundred minutes later or so): Finished Jeopardy!, finished Cross Wits. Two more lines in Wheel of Fortune. I still don't know where I'm going.

UPDATE UPDATE (mostly Wednesday): Family Feud finished. Up to five lines in Wheel of Fortune, and I think I have the puzzle answer anyway. LMAD finished (not as non-straightforward as I was thinking). Four of the five Bonus Round answers. So I have a lot of words, which have some ... interesting ... properties, but I'm still not sure where to go with them.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: With John identifying one of the pictures for me, and sitting here throwing ideas at each other, we now have all the words. Now to find the answer....

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Okay, I had one answer wrong, fixing that made it all be OK. (Downloaded Tuesday at 6:30pm, finished Friday at 12:30 pm ... 66 hours ago.)

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