Saturday, October 04, 2008

P&A Update

Update on the puzzles:
Sharp: Still no clue.
Post: haven't started.
Ridge: got the "duh!" clues in the intro, but not all the answers seem to fit the pattern. Don't know why.
O'Connolly: the same glimmer, the same not-really-anything.
Baker: I had another idea, but I'm not good enough to follow it all the way to the end, I fear.
Reade: Fixed one flaw in my reasoning, but have a big pile of letters and that's it.
Kerry: I think I did enough Googling to get the answer. Again, missed a "duh!" in the intro, but got past that. I should probably do more Googling to check (I only actually did five of eight.)
Linkletter: Moved forward a bit: left side done, right side pretty empty.
Turner: About to start now, and I hope I don't need scissors.
Milk: A little farther, but not much.
Kidd: I see like three different things to do, but not how they tie together (if they do) or what actually happens here.
Mehta: I think I'm a little farther here -- let's put it this way: I have a plan, but I need more than five answers to see if I'm right.

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