Sunday, September 28, 2008


I've got a strength-of-schedule modifier in my NFL model now; we'll see how well it goes this week and then maybe I'll use that instead of the original.

Apparently the extravaganza in the last issue of P&A was too easy, as they claimed they upped the difficulty considerably; and I believe them. I've got about as much on this one as the last one, except I only worked on the last issue in bits and pieces, as my old printer refused to print it, and I more or less devoted today to this issue (apart from the grading I still have to do). The current score:
Sharp: No idea at the moment what is going on, and I don't have enough of the words to figure it out.
White: done.
Parker: done.
Post: probably doable, but this is not the sort of puzzle I enjoy and I don't feel like doing it right now
Price: done.
Ridge: Maybe I know what's going on, but not particularly close to an answer.
O'Connolly: Perhaps a glimmer, but I've not managed to make it work.
Baker: Again an idea of something to try, but I'm not getting anything out of it at the moment.
Reade: This one feels like that bit in the Princess Bride, where what's-his-name keeps switching the chalices around. I've been approaching it as though there are zero twists in the puzzle, but I'm pretty sure there's at least one. I'm hoping there's an even number, so that most of what I've got I can keep.
House: done. I feel prouder of the fact that I wrote a C++ program to do some of the grunge work in the middle than I am of the fact that I figured it out in the first place. I think figuring the puzzle out (and, worse, thinking it a little easy) means I've forfeited any right to be called "normal".
Kerry: this appears to be a Google hunt. Maybe I'll do it at work some afternoon this week.
Linkletter: Need a lot more words to get a toehold in this puzzle. Strangely, even in the isolated spots where I have enough words to get started, I can't seem to get them to fit.
Turner: haven't started, but should yield to actually working at it (famous last words)
Milk: Either I've got a couple words wrong, or my first thought isn't right. I'm betting on the latter.
Kidd: I have a bunch of random here, so who knows.
Mehta: As if.

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