Wednesday, November 22, 2006

God works in mysterious ways

"We wanted to express God's love to you in a practical way--no strings attached! Let us know if we can further assist you."

So says the note in the bag that was left on my door (and everyone else's door, looking around) by the local non-denominational church*. The bag also contains one (1) trick-or-treat-size bag of M&Ms (plain), one (1) 9-V battery, one (1) teabag (no idea what brand; the cardboard tag just has a picture of a rose), and one (1) tea candle. Oddly enough, the teabag does have a string attached. I seriously doubt if I'll ever use three of these things (bet you can guess which three), so I guess our ideas of practical don't match. And I can't imagine any of these things being ... Biblical ... in any way.

*Consider the following analogy: Denominations are like conferences in NCAA sports, making these sorts of churches the Notre Dame of religion. Discuss the accuracy of this analogy in your religion, and determine the religious/societal equivalent of the BCS exemption for Notre Dame.

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