Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ACPT practice, day 3: Wednesday

A smidge under six minutes today, nearly double the pace of the leaders. Mmm. Found it hard to get started; my first pass of Across clues gave me answers on the top two lines and the bottom two lines, with only "TCU" entered in between the two 15 theme entries. But we got there in the end, no thanks to "famous" pianists.


Ellen said...

Just curious who you are.

--Ellen Ripstein

tabstop said...

I'm me, of course! What a silly question.

Some people do call me "Andrew Feist", though. You might remember me from Stamfords past. Or you might not, I'm not that memorable.

(I kept my name off my blog, just in case I posted something I really didn't want my employers to see. I haven't yet, but paranoia keeps me alive.)

Ellen said...

Aha, yes I know you. Seemed like you were too good to be some unknown rookie.

I probably wouldn't be blogging at all if I still had a real job.