Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And the laundry goes 'round

A tick (three ticks, actually) over four minutes is good for a Wednesday. Raise your hand if you saw the answer to 61-A coming. OK, I don't believe you.

I could get behind this sort of schedule: laundry and internet in the morning, get to work at lunchtime, stay till 10:30. This probably means I'm guaranteed to teach morning classes next term.

Does anyone understand Mika's "Grace Kelly"? I keep hearing this song on the radio, and it's certainly got the catchiness it needs to succeed, but some of the choices seem a little bizarre. Not early-Bernie-Taupin-bizarre, but ... odd. "I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky" alright, I can see that those differences go together. I don't know whether we're talking eye color, LSD moods, or what exactly, but I can deal. However, we go on: "I could be hateful, I could be purple"? You couldn't find just one more color to round out the set? Is purple supposed to be the opposite of hateful? I'm confused. And don't get me started on that "Ka-Ching" at the end.

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