Saturday, March 17, 2007

We All Saw That Coming

There was a big hubbub about Friday's J! game in the online game-show-nut world, set off by J!'s publicity people sending out PR about how the show was a must-see. "We can't tell you what's going to happen, but it's never happened before!" Everyone immediately said, "Oh, it's a three-way tie", and we were all right. It required stupid betting on the champion's part, but you can't blame him for seizing the opportunity. And since he was reasonably dominant through the show on Friday, he probably thought he could then win outright on Monday. If he doesn't, he's never going to live it down at Stamford this weekend, that's for sure.

When you tell us it's the season finale of "1 vs. 100", with no announced return date, and you start a game with 12 minutes left in the show, well, you know the $1M isn't going to go to *that* person, now don't you.

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