Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Is On

I have my plane ticket to StamfordBrooklyn, and my hotel room reserved. Eventually, I will actually register for the ACPT, but they're not taking registrations yet?

Saturday-levels are still my downfall; the left side of today's NYT just wasn't working and required a couple look-this-up. Plus yesterday's ONTHELOOSE/ONTHEHOUSE (for the clue "Free" -- spoiler! Oh.) debacle didn't help, but at least I got there by myself, even if five minutes off the pace.

Fortunately, I have 490 Sunday puzzles to do still, out of the Supersized Sunday collection. (I had made a vow to myself that, except for Merl, I would never buy puzzle books that weren't spiral-bound. Of course, I can't hold my family to that for Christmas. Fortunately, my good Parker pen only needs a light touch, making it possible to do puzzle #4, for instance, which sits a good three inches off the table when you're doing it.)

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