Friday, January 18, 2008

It's an Epiphany!

Or at least, that's the default web browser that comes with GNOME these days.

Yes, my new laptop (after the last one, I spent the extra $20 or whatever to get the super-long-life-battery) is now dual-booted in WinXP and Debian 4. At first, Debian couldn't understand the graphics card or the built-in wireless jobbie. I still haven't figured out the wireless yet, but that's because I haven't tried, since I still have a wire. It took quite a bit of mess to get the graphics driver installed (apparently they haven't yet got a precompiled version for Linux 2.6, or something, so I had to compile it myself, which required having the kernel source code installed. And for whatever reason, aptitude never installed things the first time around -- I never did get the hang of it).

And better yet, I've been working on this battery since 2 o'clock or so, and it's now 5; and it says it's still at half full and good for another 2.5 hours. When you consider that my previous laptop lasted 25 minutes at full charge, well, I'm already giddy.

UPDATE Sunday afternoon: Wireless working, and I think I've got it set up to always turn on. (I know, typing one whole command each time is a heck of a pain.) The sound was easier than I expected, since they've got a tool for that now. And I've got my Windows data mounted (read-only, but that's ok; I've got the Linux side read-only under Windows too). It took 135 minutes or so to get most of my files from old laptop yesterday.

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