Sunday, January 13, 2008


I did another crostic today, which is posted in the puzzles place. There's one answer that I think is a little iffy, but. I also updated my perl script for automatically generating the grids, getting rid of all the appearances of the magic number 19 (it is now the variable $boxesPerRow), and at the same time changed its value to 21 (a wider grid fitting the layout I print them with). I also (I hope!) finalized my LaTeX template for making the puzzle pages (both in terms of the font selection and the layout). There's still some copy-and-pasting going on; the perl script doesn't know anything about how much space the clues will take on the page, so the column split is done by hand. So all that's posted for anyone to look at (should anyone want to, which I can't think who that would be).

I did that partly as practice, as my arm was starting to ache after five or so puzzles in the book. It appears to have helped, as I'm feeling pretty good about a time of 10:45; especially since I'm pretty sure Stella&Bruce (I'm ashamed to admit I've forgotten which one does the fill--I think Bruce? but I don't remember) made a couple of those words up.

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