Monday, June 04, 2007

New Toys

So I got the HP 48GII the other day. Rumor has it there's a GNU gcc compiler for it somewhere (that would be the reason to get the 50g, I guess: way more memory). I was inputting some data about my students' last quiz to see what my calculator could tell me about it (answer: the best fit between time spent on a problem and getting it right is logarithmic, and yes, that's one of the options (linear fit, logarithmic fit, power fit, exponential fit, and "best fit" that returns one of the other four)). I couldn't find the H.MS conversion thing, but I did discover that when you're in spreadsheet view you can type in "37 [SPC] 60 / 2 + [ENTER]" and the right thing happens. (The really cool thing is that until you hit enter, you see "37 60 / 2 +" as the entry.) Unfortunately, I also found out that if you just miss the + key, and hit "37 [SPC] 60 / 2 [ENTER]", it will add two entries in your list, 37/60 and 2, which you then have to delete.

More updates as events warrant.

UPDATE: Found it. It appears to be C, and not C++. There's also an emacs for the HP (shudder).

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