Friday, June 15, 2007

Travel Checklist

Tuesday is the day to fly away to Copenhagen. The lists:

Things I have (done):
  • Passport
  • Danish currency (in very new and crisp banknotes)
  • Reservations
  • A map of Copenhagen that's kinda small, but that has the playing venue, my hotel, and all the places to meet guided tours 'n' things marked on it
  • Set up my college algebra class for next term (syllabus + online stuff)
  • A camera
Things I don't have (done):
  • Laundry
  • Packing
  • A Danish power converter thing for my laptop
  • The algebra final exam set up for students
  • The statistics final exam completely written
  • The statistics projects graded
  • My medical class syllabus for next term
  • Calculus tests and quizzes
  • Algorithm analysis (anything at all--eep)
  • A working knowledge of the Danish language

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