Monday, March 16, 2009

I've Been Busy

Ever since the first week of February, I've had an activity of some sort (either QB, mahjongg, or crossword) every weekend. Next weekend will finally be no activity of any kind (okay, possibly breathing, and maybe eating).

It is probably not a coincidence that today, a full 30 days after it was released, I finally solved my first puzzle in the back of the recent issue of P&A. I think it will fit in the meta, if the obvious gimmick is used. I hope that's the gimmick I'm supposed to use; maybe I'll check the hints. I'm glad he has hints, although they have helped not a whit so far this issue; either I'm way ahead of the game (like Double Digits, where I knew everything in the hints, I just screwed up the puzzle the first time and haven't gotten back to it really) or way behind (like Double Talk, where the hints just seem to recapitulate the flavortext -- ok, rhymes are involved, great, but that doesn't help me any).

I owe people things and maybe it will happen soon.

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