Sunday, March 29, 2009


I was very nearly finished constructing crostic #5 (as in, it's printed here all finished being proofread) when I realized I had screwed up the name of the book I took the quote from! Meaning I'm two words short, can't use some of the words, etc. And I had already had to cut out a line off the end of the quote because the letter distribution was too wonky for me to successfully work it out anyway (although with two more words, maybe it will work a little better). I'm too disheartened to finish it right now, so I guess that means I get to read a book tonight and look for another quote.

In better news, I wrote some more tools to make some of the bookkeeping for this a little better (I often had troubles, the way I used to do it, with missing out some letters and so not having a word containing letter #17 and the like). The algorithm for assigning numbers to letters is a bit too random, as 12 of the 27 words had two letters assigned to the same word in the quote, so that's not yet ready for prime-time.

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