Saturday, March 21, 2009

No One Told Me Matt Gaffney Was Color Blind

My pen and pencil from being an all-around good person for February arrived this past week. I don't know what color choices he had available, but this is what I got:
Well, it doesn't matter, really, since I'll probably never be using them both at the same time. The goal at the moment is to use the pencils at the next ACPT (and since I said pencils the plan is to win more than one, but that will have to wait on events I suppose) and use the pens to brag. (Well, the pencils will be bragging too.) (Note: this post is not complaining, but is also bragging.)

In other puzzle news, P&A now has hints! This is exciting; the hints so far have gotten me from 1 puzzle to 1.3 puzzles, and if I ever get back to Double Digits I might have 2.3 puzzles (no hints really needed for that puzzle, just not screwing it up). I need to go back to Double Dating too; that one I wanted a hint on, but more like "the answer to XXX is not YYY", because I'm pretty sure I followed all the directions right up until it asked me to do something to my answer that couldn't be done. Poor little answer.

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Joanna said...

My pencil was also green, but my pen was orange.

Also, another Justin-puzzler :)