Saturday, March 07, 2009

Online Dutch Open Round 2

A rather dissatisfying round on all levels. I won the first two hands, and that was it; one of the players is apparently psychologically incapable of making a decision in under 10 seconds; and the other two players discovered the "voice chat" (where you choose one of a few dozen canned statements to express your feelings -- the fun part being (a) the computer actually says it (b) in your own language (if your language is supported)). So not only did the games go forever (we only got through six in 90 minutes), but the whole time a nonsensical conversation was going on.

I did end up with two table points, which means I'm currently 13th of 60 (the people with 6 points are currently 5th through 14th, so you can see how I'm doing on tiebreakers).

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